Code Shape

About Us

We are driven by technology, and the way it can enrich peoples lives. We believe in a better future through learning, which ultimately leads to incredible experiences.

  • Andreas Beckmann

    Chief Design Officer

    As a graphic designer, I never thought I would be doing anything with code. Today I am combining visuals and code in all the work I do - and I want to help break down the barriers between graphics and coding - whether you are a coder or a programmer knowing some basics about the workflow and being able to use it in your work can take you to new heights!

  • Frederik Baunø

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Mathias Riis Sørensen

    Chief Executive Officer

    I believe people are an essential part of the world, and if we are to bring everyone into the game, where they can create amazing things and not getting led down by disabilities, technology plays a massive part in it. I also believe learning about those technologies should be accessible no matter where you are in the world. Let's grab a coffee or virtual coffee to discuss how we can make the world a better place through technology!

  • Sune Mikkel Rasmussen

    Chief Technology Officer